We at Ruf have a firm conviction: In every sport - be it bowling, riding, skiing, swimming - sociability, friendship and the encounter of like-minded people play a central role. This also applies to lovers of special automobiles. We appreciate the warmth and enthusiasm of the people we meet all over the world, with whom we work and whom we are privileged to count among our customers.

The fascination of Ruf sports cars can be experienced with all the senses, for example through the unique symphony of sound: the turbochargers panting organically for air, the overpressure valves whistling their upper voices in addition, and the exhaust note becomes a heroic tenor the moment the accelerator foot stamps the pedal down courageously. What other argument would be needed to decide in favour of a reputation?

Our relentless pursuit of the highest perfection leaves no room for second-best solutions - in the world of the 911, mediocrity would never forgive us.

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RUF Fashion

Inspired by our legendary automobiles, we lovingly play with design elements from our everyday lives in our collection.
With RUF Fashion you will always cut a fine figure, even off the road.

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